What is Rose-Hip Oil and How is It Beneficial?

Rosa Canina, a particular type of rose oil is known to offer several benefits, in particular for the skin-Acne-fighting and anti-aging. Rose hip oil is extracted from a rose-like variety. Essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E are found in the cold-pressed oil derived from the hips and seeds of the rose bloom, which all add to its many benefits. We look at these advantages in this article.

The vitamins in the Rose hip oil help the free radicals to combat various diseases. The oil also contributes to skin health improvement and retards signs of aging.


Benefits of Rosehip Oil


  1. Acne can be an indication of undernourished skin. The rose hip oil contains strong nutrients that strengthen and enhance the health of the skin with essential nutrients. Unhealthy skin is also likely to secrete excess oil leading to acne. This is prevented by rosehip oil. It helps to block pores and prevent pimples. Just apply the oil in the morning, at least 15 minutes before you bath, to your face using a ball of cotton. 


The oil can also be used to combat dry skin as a moisturizer. However, since it may make your skin look greasy, apply it at least 20 minutes before bedtime using a cotton pad. Remove the excess oil with a pad of cotton before you sleep. Moreover, you can combine hyaluronic acid with rosé oil, a favourite ingredient in skin care with incredible moisturizing properties. Oily skin is often lacking in linoleic acid, and this oil can take care of the problem as it is full of this fatty acid. 


  1. The vitamins A and C stimulate production of collagen and offer anti-aging advantages. They decrease wrinkles and thin lines (especially around the eyes). The Rosehip oil also includes lycopene, which rejuvenates the skin. Rosehip oil could be an excellent option for avoiding the use of chemicals on your face. Dark spots are also known to be treated.
  2. Rosehip Oil lightens your skin tone. It is especially beneficial in the treatment of dark spots and thus it can improve your skin. The oil’s astringent properties tighten your pores to make your skin lighter. Two to three drops of rosé hip oil can simply be blended with a drop of coconut oil and massaged into your skin. This way, dark circles under the eyes can also be removed.
  3. Rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat inflammation and eczema pain. It also moisturizes and prevents the skin from drying out, another problem facing eczema patients. Just clean the affected areas with water. Apply 3 drops of rose ship oil to the skin using a clean, soft towel. Repeat once every day before you take a bath.
  4. Thanks to its antioxidant and regenerating effects, the recovery of burns and bruises can be accelerated by using this oil. The use of rose hip oil has also been found to treat keloid scars and speed up wound cure.
  5. Rosehip oil can also be used to lighten the lip de-coloration. It protects against sunburns as well. With a teaspoon, mix two drops of rosehip oil with cocoa oil. Instead of cocoa oil, you can use butter as well. On your cracked lips, apply this natural lip conditioner several times a day.


Thus, we have seen the key benefits of Rose-Hip Oil. You can also try out this product and feel the difference.

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