7 Ways to Get Naturally Beautiful Hair

Every girl wants her hair to be shiny, long, healthy and beautiful but in today’s world it is very difficult to have gorgeous hair due to the harmful effects of pollution and chemical products but good things is we have organic and natural hair products that are proven safe and effective in maintaining your hair’s natural glow.

Here are 7 great tips and ways on how to get naturally beautiful hair:

1) Trimming is necessary: You should get your hair trimmed within a period of time as it is good to get your hair trimmed to get rid of split ends and brittle hair. you should get it done in every 3 months 

2) Deep Conditioning is Important: We are the trends and fashion-oriented generation who thinks oiling is outdated but this is the best therapy you need for gorgeous hair. You should deep condition your hair with oil once or twice a week and keep it overnight. You can use lukewarm coconut oil, almond oil or mustard oil for deep conditioning.

3) A right comb is important: A correct comb is very important for hair as you need it every time when you need to style your hair. You should use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the hair and a hairbrush to adjust your hair. Never comb wet hair ever as they are fragile and prone to breaking.

 4) Over-washing is bad: There is a myth that if you will wash your hair daily then it will become more healthy and beautiful, but washing your hair daily will make it weak, prone to breaking, and rough also you will start losing shine from your hair. You need to wash your hair twice in a week after overnight oiling for beautiful and shiny hair.

 5) Natural and organic oils and products can be a savior: You should use only natural and organic products for your hair more or often to avoid the excessive usage of chemicals on your hair. 

Our Every Bit Organic oils for hair care are Certified Organic and chemical-free and suitable for all the hair types. It will leave your hair shiny smooth and healthy even after your first use.

6) Let your hair breathe: You should give your hair a break from all the styling, chemical sprays, hair tools, and gels to let them breathe. Let your hair be natural from time to time and also it will be a chance for your hair to relax. Regular styling can damage your hair brutally and can take away all the shine and leave your hair rough and damaged.

7) Deep cleansing: Regular styling and coloring can damage not only your hair but your hair roots and scalp too, it is very important to deep clean your hair and scalp from time to time to keep it healthy. You can use baking Soda, lemon juice or yogurt for this purpose.

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