Why Certified Organic?

Have you ever felt cheated after buying organic products? Some of the customers complain that despite being labelled as organic the ingredients list will have all the chemically sounding names.
This is why it is important to buy only Certified Organic products because only such products will have every ingredient subjected to the same certification standards of organic food.
Stringent International Standards like Australian Certified Organic (ACO) in Australia and USDA Organic in the US meet the criteria. For products or food these “food grade” or agriculture standards are stamp of approval that they contain no harmful chemicals. To make sure that the organic integrity is maintained the certification covers all aspects of the production chain. From planting the seeds, to farming, storage, and processing the standard would be maintained.
Anyone can say their product is natural and organic. But only those products that carry a recognisable organic seal will have a 3rd party overseeing all its production aspects, so that you can be sure that what you are buying is real organic product. If you are looking for totally chemical-free products look for certified organic products as that is your guarantee of the legitimacy and reliability of containing truly wholesome, and pure organic ingredients.
The terms “natural” and “organic” are highly misused and hence organic consumers need to observe caution. It is better to do some research to know the standards if you are not familiar with the organic seal of certification.
Here are more reasons to choose certified organic:
It looks after our environment
Certified Organic products are made without the use of chemicals including herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. They maintain biological cycles within the farming system by restoring soil fertility.
Thrust is also given for land regeneration and biodiversity protection. Organic farming practices take care to protect the native flora and fauna.
Certified organic farming reduces the impact of synthetic agricultural chemicals on the environment by prohibiting its use. To ensure sustainability farms must also monitor and protect catchment areas, streams and rivers and show water efficiency.
Because skincare shouldn’t harm your health
Cosmetic products with the label certified organic don’t use synthetic fragrances, paraffin and colouring agents, silicones, ethoxylated ingredients, and petroleum products. Naturally effective ingredients are used.
Certified organic cosmetics and skincare prohibits animal testing and are cruelty free.
Because it’s socially responsible
You can be sure that workers’ rights are looked after by buying Australian Certified Organic. The principles of fair trade are also upheld by the Australian Certified Organic Standard.
It’s a logo with integrity
Certified Organic has one of the most thorough and strictest food regulatory programs internationally. To guarantee that industry regulations are followed each step of production is reviewed.
Organic products will also have a certification number unique to the processor or producer so that throughout the production system the product will be traceable. Even on certified products random product testing and audits are carried out to ensure the authenticity.
When you choose certified organic products you are supporting organic processors, producers and farmers, who are building a sustainable future by doing the right thing for our environment.

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