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In 2012, Every Bit Organic (EBO) established itself as a producer of organic cosmetic and food oils. Instead of taking the usual mass-produced path of oil production, EBO made their mark by ensuring the entire range is Australian Certified Organic. It didn’t stop there. All food oils undergo a cold-pressed method to maintain purity and potency. Our RAW cosmetics oils range is cold-pressed and unaltered – free from synthetic ingredients and chemical additives.

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Every Bit Organic has spent the last few years engrossed in learning more about the organic cosmetic and food industry and is committed to creating quality organic products accessible to customers all around the globe, and even inspire them to have the highest standards in foods and products.

Today, our brand is known and even revered for staying true to our founding values. The pioneering company runs a network of producers throughout the country and has become a reference brand in Australia. We have access to large areas of organic land spread across various geographical zones in Australia. We connect with small producers based in rural areas, and guide them in their organic farming practices. This has resulted in the production of a greater variety of products to consumers.

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EBO is formulating innovative marketing strategies to bring organic products easily available to consumers across Australia and worldwide. We support farmers at several levels and ensure that their products are sold in Australia’s largest cities and urban areas. We work with clients in growing and processing a wide range of organic products.  We are constantly working with distributors, retailers and online channels to make the products accessible at affordable cost in major supermarkets and new independent organic retailers.

EBO offers a wide range of organic cosmetic oils and food oils. The quality and variety of the products as well as our neat packaging have ensured the success of the brand in Australia, and worldwide. We are continuously working with customers in developing new Australian Certified Organic products.

We are growing as a company, we are innovating and creating new products, and we are always seeking to provide the exceptional cosmetics and organic food oils that our customers need to transform their lives. By working with certified organic sources, both local and hand-picked international sources, EBO has succeeded in producing the world’s largest range of 100% certified organic oils.

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