9 Beauty Secrets Of Rosehip Seed Oil

9 Beauty Secrets Of Rosehip Seed Oil

Among organic natural cosmetic oils, rosehip seed oil is rapidly gaining popularity mainly because of its multiple benefits. This oil can give you a flawless skin, and many dermatologists, as well as celebrities and models would vouch for the same.

So what makes rosehip seed oil so special?

Organic Rosehip seed oil is produced using cold-pressed method. And hence its essential fatty acids and naturally-occurring vitamins are not lost. These properties of rosehip seed oil can promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Let’s take a look at the 9 beauty secrets of Rosehip seed oil.

1- Diminish signs of aging

Rosehip seed oil contains a natural form of vitamin A called trans-retinoic acid, which can reduce wrinkles, lighten age spots, and lessen fine lines. It is very different from other therapeutic oils, and is non-greasy and light-weight. It won’t make your skin look oily, but at the same time works its way to making it perfectly flawless.

2- Flatten scars

Our skin cells have regenerative ability. By applying Rosehip seed oil on your skin you can give a natural boost to collagen formation, which is essential for youthful looking skin. What aids this process is the trans-retinoic acid in rosehip seed oil. If you have scars apply it morning and night on the affected area. It will help your body to repair these unattractive marks. If the scars are small, in the first couple of weeks itself you will find noticeable results. Healing may take several months if the scarring is prominent.

3- Prevent stretch marks

It can improve skin’s elasticity and strength because of the high concentrations of essential fatty acids present in it. Use it daily to prevent the appearance of stretch marks due to weight gain, pregnancy, or pubescent growth spurts.  Rosehip seed oil also reduces the severity of existing stretch marks.

4- Soothe irritation and redness

Rosehip seed oil has naturally-occurring linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Redness in fair-skinned people that is caused by damaged or dilated capillaries can be healed by using this oil. It is the best oil for those suffering from acne and rosacea. However, consult with your dermatologist before using it on a daily basis.

5- Treat extreme dry skin

It can make your skin healthy and firm. We have already mentioned that rosehip seed oil is packed with essential fatty acids, which is easily absorbed into the skin. Our bodies by itself are incapable of producing essential fatty acids and hence it can appear extremely dry. Rosehip seed oil gets absorbed into your skin fast and heals dry, itchy skin without leaving any residue. It is excellent for people suffering from dry skin due to skin allergies, poor diet, or chemical exposure.

6- Grow stronger nails

As we age our toe and finger nails become brittle. They are not only an ugly sight but can also result in fungal infection.  Instead of using store-bought creams that are expensive as well as filled with chemicals, use all natural organic Rosehip seed oil. Just like it moisturises your skin, it can also moisturise and strengthen your nails. Your nails will look long and beautiful without any unwanted infections.

7- Eradicate blemishes

Small quality of astringent is also present in rosehip seed oil. Hence, it can be used to get rid of dead skin cells and also to cleanse dirt that often gets accumulated in pores. For a soft and supply skin, use it as a moisturizing cleanser.

8- Heal environmental damage

It can even help prevent skin cancer, if studies are to be believed. To reverse the effects of environmental toxins and UV radiation on our skin Rosehip seed oil has anti-oxidants that help prevent oxidation caused by free-radicals. It can reduce existing sun damage because of the presence of anti-oxidants and vitamins present in it and can boost skin cell regeneration.

9- Nourish hair and scalp

Rosehip seed oil is not only excellent for skin and nails but also for dry, flaky scalp. The essential fatty acids present in it can hydrate your scalp. Since it gets absorbed easily and is light-weight, your hair won’t look greasy. Without adding weight it will seal moisture into hair and prevent dandruff.  Hydrogen peroxide build-up in follicles is the main reason for premature greying of hair. Rosehip seed oil has anti-oxidants in it to prevent the build-up of hydrogen peroxide and thereby eliminate greying of hair.

Rosehip seed oil can play a major role in defying the effects of time when used regularly. No wonder, it has become a popular choice in the wellness and natural beauty markets.

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